Team members



Candice Cox

Candice E. Cox, LCSW is the Founder and Clinical Director of “A&A Inspirations” and Executive Director of “KHAOS(™) Inc”. Candice holds a BSW from Southeast Missouri State University and a Masters from St. Louis University. She is a phenomenal author, motivational speaker, trainer, and curriculum developer.


DJ Short

Local DJ Short from Cebu has been everywhere around the city, from being a longstanding mainstay DJ in clubs, or doing battles, to a featured artist in wild parties. Contrary to his name, he is nothing short of action, skills, and events. He had shared awesome party nights at festivals and concerts with big international artists such as Steve Aoki, Cash Cash, Kid Ink, and top Filipino rappers Midnasty and P-lo.

Look Designer


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Born and raised in the heart of Saint Louis, Missouri, Arty J had been starred in his church’s musical while at the very tender age of four years old. Back then, that quick taste of fame awakened a voracious hunger for music within him, and has continued on, that he still passionately pursues even to this day. From the bewildered four-year-old boy, grew a teenager with a constant thirst for music of all kinds. His admiration couldn’t be stopped that he has learned to often host sold-out parties at the local, college-town bars, where he takes over the tables after his football games. His interest in producing and performing music has solidified with his weekly stunts, honing his skills in the game. He quickly became Saint Louis’ most sought-after entertainers after completing his Bachelor’s Degree.


DJ Sno

The legendary DJSno has been in the industry for more than thirty years touring around the world together with Saint Louis hip hop artist, Chingy! The iconic Sno has been the main touring DJ for Chingy since 2003 and has collaborated with big names like Nelly, Jkwon, Huey, and many others. He pioneered the radio show “STL Home Jamz” of Hot 104.1 and broke many local records

Murphy Lee

The youngest member of the multi-Platinum selling group, St. Lunatics, Murphy Lee, is known to fans all over the world by many names. He earned worldwide recognition when he charmed his way towards his audience’s heart with his flirtatious flows and manipulative metaphors for more than a decade now. It doesn’t really matter if they know him by “The School Boy”, “Mr. Winter,” Murph Derrty,” “Grandpa Game Tight,” or as Tohri “Murphy Lee” Harper, he had seemingly all the same enchanted every crowd with his heavy hitters on the game

Don McGuire

Don McGuire, is popularly known as the host of the radio show, “The Fighter’s Voice w Don McGuire”. The show centers on the other side of the battler, which is the usually overshadowed side of each fighter. Don aims to bring out the human heart of a fearless warrior.