with Kuya Ceazar & Kuya Otto

Grab some coffee (“kape”) with your two kuyas.

Kuya Caezar is an in-depth analyst of the goings-on of politics locally and nationally. We cover historical and cureent events as well. While Kuya Otto keeps it real and compares the expat and filam understanding and comparisons to foreign politics and current events.

Adil “Otto” Magale Sayed, a Filipino-American made his debut ON AIR with Kuya Ceazar for Pinoy BroadCast morning talk show “Kape with Kuya Ceazar & Kuya Otto”. Kuya Ceazar De Guzman is a veteran radio commentator for AM Radio stations DYRF, DYLA and DYAB. He will be our main stay in Pinoy BroadCast as our ON AIR morning companion discussing sports, politics, news…all the talks in life. He will be in tandem with “Otto” our radio debutante, in giving us balanced and unbiased commentaries.

Get the latest scoop and be more aware and updated as things change that affect our Pinoy landscape.