Murphy Lee


The youngest member of the multi-Platinum selling group, St. Lunatics, Murphy Lee, is known to fans all over the world by many names. He earned worldwide recognition when he charmed his way towards his audience’s heart with his flirtatious flows and manipulative metaphors for more than a decade now. It doesn’t really matter if they know him by “The School Boy”, “Mr. Winter,” Murph Derrty,” “Grandpa Game Tight,” or as Tohri “Murphy Lee” Harper, he had seemingly all the same enchanted every crowd with his heavy hitters on the game. He has worked with some distinguished big names from the industry like Snoop Dogg and P. Diddy for Jermaine Dupri’s “Welcome to Atlanta” remix, where he had stood out as a shinning star. He had been a pivotal name to represent the city of Saint Louis’ talents. By the time he partnered with P. Diddy again working with Nelly on his first single, “Shake a Tailfeather,” his path to greatness had become unstoppable. The single had actually soared to the top of the charts, becoming a number one hit, featured on the Bad Boys II soundtrack, and sold over two million copies, not to mention, it won a Grammy. Murph continued his progress and lit up the charts with hits like “Wat The Hook Gone Be” and “Luv me Baby”, which were produced by beat bangers Jermaine Dupti and Jazzy Pha respectively; both landing on the Top 40 charts from his first platinum solo album Murphy’s Law.

As he continued to grow from a sixteen-year-old school boy to become a businessman, he quickly adapted to the ever-changing music industry and decided to take destiny into his own hands. He left his record label as an individual artist, still signed as a St. Lunatic, and decided to become a student of the business and his own boss. In 2008,  Murphy Lee started his own record label, UCME Entertainment, while also opening a restaurant and a clothing sotre in St. Louis. His thirst for success and passion for music grew even deeper as he has since released over fourteen independent projects including over forty videos and features that can be viewed on his Youtube Channel or his personal site, Today, Murphy Lee has his own wine brand “D’Bes” hat can be purchased at He also serves as part-owner of “Air Play,” oil fragrance Lee continues to pursue his love for music and entertainment while performing around the world with the St. Lunatics. With a history of being a a part of over 30 million albums sold, winning a Grammy, and countless top 40 hits, the humble, hungry and ambitious Murphy Lee continues to work with the drive of a rookie and the experience of a hall of famer.

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