DJ Short


Local DJ Short from Cebu has been everywhere around the city, from being a longstanding mainstay DJ in clubs, or doing battles, to a featured artist in wild parties. Contrary to his name, he is nothing short of action, skills, and events. He had shared awesome party nights at festivals and concerts with big international artists such as Steve Aoki, Cash Cash, Kid Ink, and top Filipino rappers Midnasty and P-lo.

Short has been around the entertainment scene since 2014. He started competing in the Redbull 3style Battles and became one of the finalists in 2017. Primarily, a hip hop DJ, he isn’t shy at subscribing to the genre-bending style of modern DJing. His playlist is a wide spectrum of genres, including broad sets of decades like those of the 70s, 80s, soul, techno, etc. All these tracks find a comfortable place in his audio narrative.

His body of work is a study in duality, playing from big room festivals to underground B-boy battles. His reference to a wide selection of genres results in a seamless fusion of styles and eras, playing everything from Diana Ross to Rick Ross, Billie Eilish to Billy Joel.

Falling back on a mentality that was borne out of the battle culture, his sets meld both the technically demanding style of hip hop DJing and the importance of reading the crowd. His game is to always blur the lines of pop culture and sub-genre, mass appeal, and street cred.

Before the pandemic has struck, he’s regularly seen performing at his club residences in the city which were: Distillery, Morals and Malice, and Trademark or he could be jamming with his band, Groovematics. But now, he’ll be one of our Pinoy Broadcast residents. So keep your ears on this guy.

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