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“Don’t ever try to rush anything because you’re going to mess up,” that’s what the 32-year-old most sought after DJ of the Midwest had to say. DJ Tab, who is celebrated in both St. Louis clubs and in Bet’s Rap City, knows he’s on the path to greater feats and wants to take his time down that lane while making consequential moves. He is not only touring across the world doing sold-out shows, but is also recognized as a well-respected businessman, releasing his own energy drink, “Get N Tune Energy” and his own men’s high end online clothing store, “Empire Clothing.”

“I have a lot of faith. I never say ‘I can’t,” he says. It was hard work that got Tab to where he is today. He taught himself how to scratch on a turntable his mother and late stepfather bought for him to replace his old turntable drawn on a hardwood floor.  “I used to wake up in the morning, practice before I would go to school, go home, finish my homework, and practice my turntables,” he says.

Tab’s break came in 2004 when J-Kwon, a childhood friend, brought him to join his team for the song, “Tipsy,” which became a hit. Looking back, he has been DJing at school dances and skating rinks but seeing himself on the music video of the #1 song in the country while at a friend’s house, validated what he already knew. He’s going to make it. And he has been DJing big time ever since then.

At the end of 2009 and 2010, Tab has gained his own endorsements from companies with the likes of McDonald’s, Imo’s Pizza, Vodkila, Bebe Clothing Store, City Gear Clothing and more. He was hired at WHHL Hot 104.1 in the summer of 2013. He worked with Universal/Motown, Geffen/Interscope and SoSo Def. Having so much and being so young has positioned him to elicit a lot of criticisms. This doesn’t seem to impede his hustle and instead got past it, even winning numerous awards for his accomplishments. He has done more than 30 mixtapes. DJ Tab currently owns the largest digital radio station, “Streetz 105.1” in the Midwest, which is a hip hop radio station that has over 1.5 million streams worldwide. And now he is coming in as one of our resident DJs here in Pinoy Broadcast. . He continues to grow his empire across the globe each and every day. Don’t miss it.

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