Born and raised in the heart of Saint Louis, Missouri, Arty J had been starred in his church’s musical while at the very tender age of four years old. Back then, that quick taste of fame awakened a voracious hunger for music within him, and has continued on, that he still passionately pursues even to this day. From the bewildered four-year-old boy, grew a teenager with a constant thirst for music of all kinds. His admiration couldn’t be stopped that he has learned to often host sold-out parties at the local, college-town bars, where he takes over the tables after his football games. His interest in producing and performing music has solidified with his weekly stunts, honing his skills in the game. He quickly became Saint Louis’ most sought-after entertainers after completing his Bachelor’s Degree.

He has headlined events at multiple venues in the city and has held residencies at every major nightclub, including HOME Nightclub, The Pepper Lounge, LUSH, and Europe Nightclub. As a guest DJ and emcee at the venues across the country including Pure in Los Angeles, Masquerade New Orleans, Wet Republic in Las Vegas, Pure in Miami and at Christain in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, he has shared the stage with a wide variety of influential artists such as David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Morgan Page, Dave Aude, and many more who have further refined and galvanized his vision. His passion is driven and inspired by the one and only Michael Jackson along with the late great DJ Jam Master J. and Dr. Dre.

He hopes to share his deep, motivating love of music with everyone possible, as both a producer and performer. It is his ultimate goal to inspire in others a true love of music, to share his knowledge in the hopes of touching, moving, and uplifting all of those who come across his music.

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