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“I am not new to the music industry, nor to the DJ game,” says the Missourian who is based in the major city of St. Louis. D2thaC had perhaps made an understatement about his extensive experience in the broadcasting and the music industry. That is because he had been in the radio scene since he was from his tender age of fourteen years. He had been DJing since he was in high school.

To make his seemingly long-lasting professional background shorter, he humbly cited a few parts of his work history. He had done so much in this field before but he’d like to stress on certain ones such as that of being a mix show DJ, mobile DJ/VJ, and being the imaging director of Radio One St. Louis (HOT 104.1/ 95.5 RnB For the Lou), presently known as Entercom, which he had been working with the longest.

He is a member of the Core DJs, which is the largest coalition of DJs in the whole world. And he claims,  “I am a 24 Scientist who just have a profound love for music and an undeniable skill for this DJ sport.” He believes that he is one of the most hardworking DJs in St. Louis. And also aspires to become an international DJ to expand his brand while improving on building his relationships with others.

Highly recommended for events that will incorporate professionalism, up to date technology, dancefloor-filling, and overall, just basically bringing the house down, Tommy Caimi had said, “There’s no party like a D2thaC party!”

That’s not a surprise at all, as D2thaC leaves us with a simple, “If I come to your party, we’re gonna have fun. Isn’t that the name of the game?”

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