Don McGuire


Don McGuire, is popularly known as the host of the radio show, “The Fighter’s Voice w Don McGuire”. The show centers on the other side of the battler, which is the usually overshadowed side of each fighter. Don aims to bring out the human heart of a fearless warrior.  His guests on the show include world champion Juan Archuleta, world-famous ring announcer Mike Kendall, Colin Oyama, who is considered as one of the top coaches in the sport, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship and Police Gazette Diamond Heavyweight World Champion The Mexicutioner Joey Beltran, and many more! These one-on-one interviews with prominent personalities in the field of MMA fighting exhibit the real challenges, dreams and hard work behind even the fiercest athlete inside the ring and the most significant insights on the battles they’ve seen, shared and experienced.

McGuire, who used to be a fighter himself during the early days of  MMA, always had the eye for intensity and for one with a warrior’s heart. At the end of his fighting career, he decided to shift his path to photography. He then became a professional sports photographer.  And today, he is acknowledged as one of the best photographers out there in the very sport which he used to passionately participate in. Some of his works were for the UFC, Bellator, and Invicta. He has quite that knack for getting just the right angle and capture at the right time to catch phenomenal seconds of each fight.

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