Candice Cox


Candice E. Cox, LCSW is the Founder and Clinical Director of “A&A Inspirations” and Executive Director of “KHAOS(™) Inc”. Candice holds a BSW from Southeast Missouri State University and a Masters from St. Louis University. She is a phenomenal author, motivational speaker, trainer, and curriculum developer.

Since 2004, Candice has moved out of her passion to assist all individuals by creating the KHAOS(™) (Keep Healing and Overcoming Struggles) mindset. The KHAOS(™) mindset uses a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Relationship Trauma Repair (RTR), and mindfulness to assist individuals with assessing, addressing, and reducing the effects of toxic and traumatic stress in their lives. Candice is a self proclaimed KHAOS(™) kid while growing up with her own challenges with attention, being abandoned by her father, and having a mother who lives with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), she developed the motto to live a life of KHAOS(™).

Candice is very passionate about meeting individuals where they are to assist them with getting to where they want to be in life. For this reason, she started implementing her Organized KHAOS(™) program in schools and community centers to address the lack of social and emotional coping skills that were being taught both at home and educational environments. After realizing the importance of addressing toxic and traumatic stress on all levels, Candice, expanded her reach to include first responders and corporate mental health in 2015.

Candice utilizes innovative and experimental treatment modalities to change the focus of being “labeled” to “living beyond labels.” In 2016 her first therapeutic children’s book was published, titled “ Please Oh Please,” focusing on coping and skill building with ADHD. This book derives from a series, which encompasses various mental health diagnoses and also emphasizes on the P.A.T.I.E.N.T. skill (Pause And Think Inhale Exhale Now Talk). Candice is now a best selling author of several books and journals as well as a winner of several humanitarian awards. Candice works daily to be a catalyst in the lives of others to propel them forward while creating programs that introduce and implement social, communication, and positive resolution techniques.

Candice believes life happens but it doesn’t have to stop. We all have the ability to create a new normal as we Keep Healing And Overcoming Struggles!

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