DJ Sno


The legendary DJSno has been in the industry for more than thirty years touring around the world together with Saint Louis hip hop artist, Chingy! The iconic Sno has been the main touring DJ for Chingy since 2003 and has collaborated with big names like Nelly, Jkwon, Huey, and many others. He pioneered the radio show “STL Home Jamz” of Hot 104.1 and broke many local records. He has not only been heard on the radio, but he has been seen on the tv shows too. He was on MTV, 106&Park, The Tonight Show, Ellen Degeneres, Tyra Show and many of the top shows on the tube. He admits that Planet Rock has inspired him so bad since he was twelve. And he has always been drawn to music since he was a young boy; his passion was mainly focused on producing and making dynamic beats. He looks back and considers break dancing as his introduction to music. Currently, he is proudly joining the M.A.D.E. Team, in partnership with KT HUSTLES (Rickey Fletcher), MALIK THE KING (Malik Fletcher), and Amanda Rios. Together, they work side by side in an effort to bring more recognition to the Saint Louis sound.

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